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Parcours n°5 bleu - La Crête d'Âne
15.7 km 720 m 720 m
Go on the assault of the Vallon d'Âne mountain pasture and its magnificent viewpoint on the Crête d'Âne. From the Cabane de l'Avalanche, a gradual climb to the edge of the forest, then a more rolling trail in the Vallon d'Âne to reach the foot of the Barges mountain, culminating point of the course before tipping into the Cold Vallon .
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From the Superdévoluy leisure center / sports center, cross the station to reach the Pélourenq chairlift and head towards the Margot chalets to reach the GR 94A. At the crossroads "Les Vallonnettes", turn right towards the Collet de Prapérouse. At the top of the pass, go down towards the Cabane de l'Avalanche in the Bois du Rond forest. At the Cabane de l'Avalanche, take a path that goes up to the right, leading to a sheepfold. Continue on the way to Donkey Vallon. Turn right and climb into the Vallon d'Âne to the hutch of the mountain of Barges then back down into the Vallon Froid. You pass near the Fountain of the Corbels. Then cross the forest of Bois Rond which will take you to the Fontaine d'Hurtillier. Turn left onto the forest road and then a path on the right which will take you to the road leading to the Pic de Bure cable car. At the departure station of the cable car, take the path on the right which goes up along the Saumatte then the Cros to rejoin again the crossing the Vallonnettes. Go back to the Sports Center.
Accum. Intermediary
Passage Description Alt. Dist. D+ D- Dist. D+ D-
Trace n°12391
Dévoluy (05)
Marking : yes
Dominant terrain : Footpath
Maximal altitude : 2010 m
Minimal altitude : 1442 m
Longest ascent : 500 m
Longest descent : 580 m
Estimated duration : nc
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