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Circuit 30 green - Around La Cheurgne
Val d'Illiez - Suisse
7.9 km 500 m 500 m
Water pointCar parkFood stopTorgon
This 7km track starts from the Tourism Office. You will begin running up to the Dravers pasture. The next step is to go down near Djeu des Têtes lift. After reaching Plan de Croix you will continue running on a path in the forest to arrive nearby the football field and then reach the Tourism Office.
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...Don't hesitate to walk if you have difficulties, the goal of this track is learning how to run up and managing t=your effort. The highest point of this track is at 1481meters high, after 3,8km run. Then the rest of the track is going down, you will reach the forest road on the Fracette pasture. The first small path on your right goes directly to your starting point by using the hanging bridge.
Accum. Intermediary
Passage Description Alt. Dist. D+ D- Dist. D+ D-
Trace n°29677
Torgon (CH)
Marking : yes
Dominant terrain : Footpath
Maximal altitude : 1523 m
Minimal altitude : 1115 m
Longest ascent : 480 m
Longest descent : 360 m
Estimated duration : 1h
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