Circuit Chamonix - Floria mountain café - Les Praz
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Quite undulating course over good tracks and footpaths. With a main climb and a short technical section of descent, this trail enables you to try out the particularities of trail-running over a "short" course.

The characteristics of the route.
Chamonix-Mont-Blanc (74)
  • Distance 7.5 km
  • Elevation gain 356 m
  • Elevation lost 357 m
  • Min. elevation 1034 m
  • Max. elevation. 1355 m
  • Duration (depending on pace) 0h45 / 1h45
  • Marking hiking marking signs
Departing from the centre of Chamonix, after a kilometre of flat running, the slope becomes sometimes steep, but always follows a good path as far as the Chalet Floria. Having "cracked" the majority of the uphill, the track becomes a high footpath traversing the steep slope. Here it is once again possible to run, using poles. Then comes the descent down the Lanchers Couloir. Technical for the first few switchbacks, this descent links the zigzags without difficulty. Above the golf course of Les Praz, the path widens again. Meandering and rolling, it returns towards Les Praz and from there along the Arve to the centre of Chamonix.
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